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Music Video Mixed Boxing

Interesting video, although not much actual “boxing”.

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Mixed Boxing Scene

Seems there is quite little to speak of in the mixed boxing scene these days. Nearly all videos are femdom mixed boxing, ranging from fantasy to full out beatdowns of the men. Even these seem to be falling to the wayside in favor of MMA and mixed wrestling. Even art and fiction tends to trend toward the women dominating. A bit disappointing, being that some might prefer to see the men dominate in a few boxing matches here or there.

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Mixed Boxing Artist Spotlight

Spotlight on Mixed Boxing Artist

There aren’t many artists who’ll depict guys in control in a mixed boxing match, so it’s always nice to find one.

t178 is a Japanese artist who likes to draw male vs female boxing matches, and will often show the woman struggling or being defeated. A nice change from the typical femdom mixed boxing that 98% of everyone else posts.
Check out t178jp on DeviantART for more mixed boxing illustrations.

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Videos of Mixed Boxing on SessionGirlClips

For those who haven’t seen, the new SessionGirlClips has a category dedicated to mixed boxing.

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3D Mixed Art

Since not much is going on in the industry regarding mixed boxing (seems only Hit the Mat is producing these days, although Heavy Hitters is new to the scene) here’s a link to a Yahoo group focused on mixed boxing and fighting art, and stories:


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Monty Python Mixed Boxing

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Mixed Boxing Art Links and Info

I’ve made an account in Deviant called Mixed Boxing Art, and hope to get about documenting Mixed Boxing artists on that site, as well as others. Plus a listing of Yahoo Groups dedicated to mixed boxing videos, pics and art on this site will be coming soon.

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Mixed Boxing Videos

Even though news posts haven’t been happening, there is activity on the Mixed Boxing Video Feed page, so be sure to check it out. Unfortunately the BS nature of the youtube flagging system means great mixed boxing videos get taken down all the time just because producers don’t like each other.

Newest boxing videos are on the last pages.

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Mixed Boxing .net YT Channel

Check out our YT channel for mixed boxing favorites and playlists, and subscriptions to other good channels that post mixed boxing videos. MixedBoxingNet on YT

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Previews and Reviews Coming Soon

Ever go to a mixed boxing producers’ website, find a short preview, but it’s not enough to determine if the video is any good? We do it for you. Coming soon, mixed boxing video reviews.

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