3D Mixed Boxing Ryona

This 3D mixed boxing ryona test footage comes from Street Fighter 4 with various mods, and was used for some of the screengrabs on Deviantart. Here it is in motion. “Street Boxer Makoto” in the training room with English boxer Dudley. Makoto eats jabs, hooks, uppercuts, and belly punching in a mixed boxing ryona clip,… Read More »

Little Mac vs Samus Boxing Gallery Added

Added most of the pics from the “Little Mac vs Samus” 3D boxing series I did on DA to the 3D boxing gallery. More to come! I’ve also been working on an “idle animation” for Samus, but am not quite happy with it at the moment. Little Mac vs Samus Boxing Series

3D Mixed Boxing Gallery Open

For those who don’t like Deviantart, many of the original 3D mixed boxing pics are now being posted on MixedBoxing.net’s new 3D Mixed Boxing Gallery. Link trades, banner spot sales, commissions and possibly even a Patreon are all planned for this year.