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Real Mixed Boxing

That day you just decide to go take on the best in the biz for some real sparring. More on this video here

Mixed Boxing Animation

Click the pic to view. Boxing animation with sound (warning, auto plays). Made in Source Filmmaker

Boxing Animation

Short looping boxing animation, click the thumbnail for the full view on the original site.

Latest DA Mixed Boxing

New pics from MixedBoxingArt on Deviantart Also check out the mixed boxing favorites collection from various artists and photographers all around DA http://mixedboxingart.deviantart.com/favourites/?catpath=/

Mixed Boxing on DeviantArt (May 2014)

Two new pics from MixedBoxingArt on Deviantart We will also be collaborating on a web comic series and possibly some some animated shorts.

Mixed Boxing Video Reviews

Some reviews for mixed boxing videos are in the works, more coming soon. (Yes,really coming soon this time). The general reviews will be as factual and unbiased as possible, with other reviewers chiming in on their views and opinions below. … Continue reading

Mixed Boxing on Deviantart Part 2

Mixed Boxing on Deviantart

Loads of illustrations, 3d art and photos added to a few collections. Mixed Boxing Photos 3D Art – Mixed Boxing Photography Sifting through the mountains of femdom so you don’t have to.

Videos of Mixed Boxing on SessionGirlClips

For those who haven’t seen, the new SessionGirlClips has a category dedicated to mixed boxing.

Mixed Boxing Art Links and Info

I’ve made an account in Deviant called Mixed Boxing Art, and hope to get about documenting Mixed Boxing artists on that site, as well as others. Plus a listing of Yahoo Groups dedicated to mixed boxing videos, pics and art … Continue reading